Fly Fishing Websites

Fly Fishing Websites

Fly fishing is an angling method that uses an artificial fly in order to catch the fish. It can be done in fresh water or salt water. In freshwater, the most common species of fish caught include trout, salmon, or bass. The sport of fly fishing has been referred to as the best recreation for the contemplative man. When you start fly fishing, you will cast the fly with a fly rod, fly reel, and a specialized weighted line. There are many techniques used in fishing, but in fly fishing, it takes a particular lure casting technique that differs from other forms of fishing in order to cast the weightless fly. The fly fishing websites below offer a great deal of instruction on doing this. They also have information on the different hand tied flies used for fly fishing that resemble food organisms natural to the fish.

Top Fly Fishing Sites

Award winning website and great customer service. A great resource for fly fishing information and videos. They cover and sell a large range of fishing flies and fly materials for trout, salmon, bass, grayling and other species, all delivered world-wide.

MidCurrent has over 20,000 pages of video, art, photography, travel, reviews, tips and daily news. This website is made up of experienced anglers, guides and authors who enjoy sharing the excitement of fly fishing. In the weekly newsletter, they cover fishing flies, fly fishing rods, fly fishing reels, fly lines, trips, books, videos, techniques, and strategies. And the fly fishing news is updated daily 365 days a year.

One of the best fly fishing and fly tying sites on the web, with tons of information on fishing, tactics, flies, tutorials, and everything else that has anything to do with fly fishing. A complete online community.

The official website of the American Museum of Fly Fishing, established in 1968, by a group of passionate and enthusiastic anglers who believed that the history of angling was an important part of American culture and tradition. The Museum was created to serve as an institution to research, preserve, and interpret the treasures of fly angling history.

The largest fly tying community in the world. You can register for a free account and join a friendly and helpful group of anglers. Over 12,000 registered members that have made over 300,000 posts and have uploaded over 6,000 patterns to the exclusive fly pattern database.

The Global FlyFisher is a website for fly fishermen and fly tyers – and to some extent for outdoors people in general. The site has a very long history, dating back to the beginning of the Internet era in 1994, which you can tell from the design. Some of the oldest articles actually date back to that period.

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